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Take Charge
of Change

Are you struggling to get ahead in your career? Are you worried about job security or feel that you’ve gone as far as you can go?

I’m an executive and career coach who helps you cut through all that and take control so you:

• Advance your career
• Build your leadership skills
• Find your leadership voice and focus
• Make job and career transitions


I help you get there

Find Out How


We’ll get clear on what career success looks like. You’ll get objective feedback on what’s in the way, including a “look in the mirror” to see yourself as others see you. You’ll hear yourself think out loud with a credentialed executive coach who asks insightful questions, listens closely and helps you connect the dots of your experience and aspirations.


We’ll take charge of career uncertainty by designing strategies to breakthrough procrastination, overwhelm, anxiety, doubt and wheel-spinning. We’ll commit to a written game plan which documents the actions you’re taking to practice new executive behaviors and build accountability.


In every session, we’ll review your actions and explore the insights you’re gaining. We’ll spotlight quick wins that build momentum and confidence. We’ll make course corrections based on what we learn. We’ll leverage your learnings to build new skills and turn discomfort zones into comfort zones.


EXECUTIVE COACHING builds clarity about career goals and the new behaviors needed to take your career to the next level. Areas of focus include skill-building, performance enhancement, relationship management, communications effectiveness, stress relief and work/life balance.


LEADERSHIP COACHING develops the leadership mindset and relationship skills for managing up and establishing influence with senior company leaders. Other focus areas include strengthening your leadership voice, strategic thinking and leading and developing teams.


CAREER TRANSITION COACHING is about those critical times when you want to transition to a new role or find new job when it’s time to go or when a job loss happens. Another focus is transitioning to a new career or way of life when your aspirations shift.

What Clients Are Saying…

“To borrow a sports analogy, pro baseball players rely on their coaches to help them work on their hitting or fielding mechanics so they can take their game to the next level. Working with Vic when I was striving to take my career to the next level and become a Chief Marketing Officer, he helped me assess my strengths, articulate my value proposition as a leader and served as an excellent sounding board when discussing my career strategy. His experience working with Fortune 500 C-level executives proved to be invaluable in challenging and ultimately refining my approach and thinking.

I found Vic’s coaching style to be very effective. He asked insightful questions which guided our conversations and in the end, he helped draw out and articulate my qualities as a leader. Using those as a foundation, we developed and fine-tuned my messaging platform as a CMO. And, in less than six months, I successfully obtained a CMO role at a leading firm in my target industry.

Whether it’s working to achieve new career goals or enhancing the effectiveness of your management style, I highly recommend Vic for those leaders who are looking to take their game to the next level.”

Rick, Chief Marketing Officer, New York

Are you ready to go for more career success?

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Then take the first step now to schedule your complimentary career coaching session. This 30-minute call will give you a real experience of my coaching and how we’ll work together. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask any questions you have. Click here to send me a private e-mail or call me at 201-835-4118. I’d love to speak with you.