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How to Leverage Your Habits: Principle #4

How to Leverage Your Habits: Principle #4

How do business executives gain leverage with their habits to fuel momentum and more success in their careers?

That’s where the fourth principle of habit design comes in. It’s called Leverage Your Habits.


How to Design Effective Habits: Principle # 3

How do business executives start – and more important, sustain – new habits when they’re facing change and challenge in their careers?

That’s where the third principle of habit design comes in. It’s called Operationalize Your Habits.To operationalize your habits, you get very tactical. This is where it’s all about daily discipline and execution. Here are a few tips:


How to Design Effective Habits: Principle # 1

Our last article noted that Reflective Habits – habits we design with deliberateness and choice – are the ones executives and professionals can create and use to advance their careers.

This article takes a look at the first principle of habit design: Focus on Belief.


Design Habits To Win Career Success

Typically, business executives and professionals use both conscious and less-than-conscious habits to advance their careers.

It’s an important distinction, because if you want to understand how you got to where you are, take a look at your habits. They got you here.


Stand for What you want

A few months ago The Wall Street Journal published a story called “The Best (or Worst) Time to Make A Change.”

It told the story of a guy named Bob Marshall. In 2008, Bob was diagnosed with prostate cancer.


Disciplined Daily Habits

I’m preparing a speech for June on how corporate executives, business owners and professionals can create more success in their careers by working with disciplined daily habits.

James Clear ( says this: “Daily habits — tiny routines that are repeatable — are what makes big dreams a reality.”


Law of Attraction

Lots of people talk about the Law of Attraction, and there are plenty of books and programs around that teach it.

Part of me has been a bit skeptical, I have to admit. Attract with my thoughts ? Set my intention to get what I want? Achieve wealth with an abundance mentality? The Universe knows what I need and will provide?


It’s New Years Day

It’s New Years Day. As always, there are a lot of news features floating around about what resolutions to make and how to keep them. At the same time, it’s pretty common knowledge that many of us don’t make it to February with our resolutions intact.

Are the resolutions we make – the goals we set – too hard? Are they too boring or not motivating enough? Maybe we really didn’t want them in the first place?