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Advancing Your Career Is A Lot Like Surfing In Overhead Waves

I’ve surfed for years, mostly in New Jersey and New York, in waves that range from knee-high to six feet. That’s my comfort zone.

During a trip to Costa Rica, the waves at the end of the week climbed to ten feet – way beyond my comfort zone. To surf those waves, I needed to take my performance up.

I needed to surf with a more focused mindset and strengthened confidence. I needed to use the training my surf coach had taught me.

Success in overhead surf didn’t come from one thing. It came from both a new mindset and new skillsets.

It also took action: digging in, charging the wave and going for it.

Truth is, we can’t control the corporate eco-systems we work in, just like I had no control over the size of ocean waves.

But we can control how we develop ourselves as executive leaders within these eco-systems. We can act now to build new leadership skills, strengthen executive presence and find our leadership voice.

By becoming the best executive you can be through online career coaching, you can set yourself up to advance your career where you are, or prepare yourself to transition to a new job or career when you need to.

Online Career Coaching Services

  • Executive Coaching

  • Design Career Advancement Plans

    Improve Work Performance & Skills

    Strengthen Communications

    Manage Work Relationships

    Lower Stress

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Develop Leadership Focus

    Establish Leadership Presence

    Build Influencing Skills

    Mentoring & Motivating Teams

    Emotional Intelligence

  • Career/Job Transition Coaching

  • Create & Execute Successful Job Search Strategies

    Explore New Career & Life Goals & Values

    Transition to a New Career

    Design a Portfolio Career

    Plan for Retirement

Are you ready to go for more career success?

Schedule your exploratory coaching session today!

Then take the first step now to schedule your complimentary career coaching session. This 30-minute call will give you a real experience of my coaching and how we’ll work together. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask any questions you have. Click here to send me a private e-mail or call me at 201-835-4118. I’d love to speak with you.