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Executive Success Stories

“To borrow a sports analogy, pro baseball players rely on their coaches to help them work on their hitting or fielding mechanics so they can take their game to the next level. Working with Vic when I was striving to take my career to the next level and become a Chief Marketing Officer, he helped me assess my strengths, articulate my value proposition as a leader and served as an excellent sounding board when discussing my career strategy. His experience working with Fortune 500 C-level executives proved to be invaluable in challenging and ultimately refining my approach and thinking.

I found Vic’s coaching style to be very effective. He asked insightful questions which guided our conversations and in the end, he helped draw out and articulate my qualities as a leader. Using those as a foundation, we developed and fine-tuned my messaging platform as a CMO. And, in less than six months, I successfully obtained a CMO role at a leading firm in my target industry.

Whether it’s working to achieve new career goals or enhancing the effectiveness of your management style, I highly recommend Vic for those leaders who are looking to take their game to the next level.”

~ Rick, Chief Marketing Officer, New York

“I’ve been in business for 22 years as the managing partner of a CPA firm. Over the years I’ve worked with different business coaches but have never gotten as far or felt so positive about working with someone as I do Vic. His patience, insight and direction keeps me moving in the right direction from both a business and personal perspective. I look forward to our continued progress working together going forward!”

~ Adam, CPA, New Jersey

“After going through a recent health crisis, I found myself stuck in a standstill. I was struggling to move on and I needed some new tools to help manage the anxiety of living through something that could very easily have taken my life. In a time of despair, I was extremely lucky to find life coach Vic Beaudet. He helped me to gain the confidence and mindset I needed to overcome my health crisis and learn how to manage stress.

Our thought-provoking discussions helped me to establish and navigate a personal transition after my health crisis. They also opened my eyes to things I would never have seen otherwise. For example, I learned that much of my stress stems from disempowering beliefs — things I believed because I tricked my mind into believing they were true. Vic helped me to transform these into empowering beliefs that guide me each day. These are just one of the tools I use to manage stress.

Vic is an incredible coach, and I will be forever grateful that he helped me get through one of the most challenging times in my life.”

~ Stacy, Marketing & Communications Professional, New York

“I had the pleasure of attending a career development event sponsored by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and Vic was one of the panelists. Vic’s philosophy of taking control of change resonated with me and we connected to begin life coaching sessions together.

Recently, I have been dealing with many challenges at work and have a desire to be prepared for a career change in the event my current employment status changes. Vic has amazing listening skills and the ability to help breakdown what may seem like overwhelming challenges to manageable steps and strategies to successfully manage change in life and your career. During our phone sessions Vic guided me to identify my stress management tool kit, those actions which I already do to successfully manage stress at home or work. I continue to reference my stress tool kit as a reminder of how to manage challenges, change and stress.

Vic effectively guided me through a process of defining my professional objective while identifying my SOAR stories (Situations in my career with Obstacles where my Actions produced successful Results). In an effort to help me realize my own accomplishments, Vic offered a useful suggestion to change my mindset from an “obligation” mindset to an “accomplishment” mindset.

I highly recommend Vic for anyone looking for specific and manageable strategies to take charge of change in your life and career.”

~ Debbie, Marketing Communications Professional, Central New Jersey

“Vic has such a calming demeanor, that you immediately feel at ease, and when you talk to him, it’s clear that he is giving you his undivided attention. He has a knack for clearing through complexity to identify the crux of the problem, and then presenting you with new insights. These are invaluable attributes for a coach. Every time our discussions concluded, I was armed with the tools to tackle my concern.”

~ Ashley, Communications Leader, New York

“I met Vic at my networking group meeting. He was our guest speaker and he said something that really hit home. He spoke about “avoidance behaviors.” Something I identified as behavior I was exhibiting that hampered my job search. I worked with Vic over the course of nine sessions in order to deprogram that behavior. I found Vic’s coaching to be very helpful. He’s helped me define my goals and focus on past successes and the good decisions I’ve made. This has helped me project positive thoughts and energy for future endeavors.”

~ Tom, Financial Services Executive, New Jersey

“I have been working with Vic as my life/ work coach for several months. Before we started our sessions, I was burned out on work and failing to find direction or answers about the next few months ahead. Vic helped direct me to finding my path toward handling my difficult life situations. He has the tools to help others realize their goals. I feel I have a clearer vision on how to handle my work and family demands because of Vic‘s guidance and hard work.”

~ Debra, RN Arlington VA.

Vic was incredibly helpful in giving me the tools to think about things differently in my life and my career. When you are too involved in the details of a problem to look at the situation as a whole, his perspective is enlightening and helps you to see the forest from the trees. He is a fabulous listener and is able to digest, distill and provide very discerning guidance on the spot!

~ Dorothy, Attorney, New York

“Vic is a terrific career and life coach. I found him to be very patient, caring and extremely insightful as a coach. The work I did with Vic helped me to clarify and take the steps I needed in order to accomplish tasks which have been holding me back for too long. I highly recommend Vic as a coach!”

~ Nina, Administrative Officer, Jersey City, NJ

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